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Stock Market is a New Trend Now A Days

What is the stock market??

Suppose there is a company that has to set up and require a large amount of capital.

In this condition, company can let the people invest in their company by giving

the share of that company to people by the medium of the stock market.

In the stock market, people can buy or sell the shares of public or private company

which is listed on NSE(National stock exchange) or BSE (Bombay stock exchange) in India.

NSE was established in 1992 and BSE was established in 1875 it is Asia’s oldest Stock Market

How Stock Market came into the trend?

After the very successful web series "scam 1992" viewers' attraction towards the stock market increased especially among college students.

Pros of Stock Market

In the stock market, you can make a great amount of money

It is the best option for long term investment

By the medium of the stock market, you can contribute to the country's economy

Cons of Stock Market

In short-term investment, it is very dangerous as it can vanish your whole investment.

The stock market can be a toxic thing for the people who have less information about what's going on in the market.

Risk in the stock market is very high especially when there is a crash of the market by any news so think twice before putting your money.

The scenario on US Indices (Dow Jones) after the real estate bubble blast in 2008

How now a day's youth are affected by the hype of the Stock Market!

Now a day youth easily get influenced by watching others profit-taking from the market and want profit from the market without any research and information.

In this greed for money, they lose more money they want to profit from the market.


The stock market is very good for long-term investment. And the short term also with proper research, information and practice.

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